Virtually Folk East

Virtually FolkEast took place 23rd August 2020. A live event that was live streamed - six hours of music and entertainment with real live weather thrown in.

It brought together, in person, top folk artists to perform on one stage, a team of top technicians and volunteers and an audience of 200 who danced in their bubbles of six . in the rain.

The first COVID secure, folk music festival, to take place in the summer of 2020. With The Young'uns . Sam Kelly, John Spiers, Kathatrine Priddy, The Hut People, Honey and The Bear and with online contributions from Peter Knight and many others.

Emotional, uplifting and wet … it brought everyone together to do what they do best. For those who watched online and in person, it was an opportunity to be there, at FolkEast.

All donations to the Virtually FolkEast Crowdfunding campaign are to support the artists and technicians who made it all happen.

FolkEast 2021 will take place over the weekend of the 20th – 22ndAugust... the FolkEast team hope to see you there.

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