Folk Weekend: Oxford Merchandise

Folk Weekend Oxford HQ has been buzzing with activity as they work round the clock to bring you the best most jam-packed weekend of top-notch folk music and dance they possibly can, all available to be beamed straight into your very own living room through the sorcery of the internet.

Headlining are:  Spiers & BodenMartin & Eliza Carthy, and Mad Dog Mcrea

Also  FaustusKathryn Roberts & Sean LakemanNaragoniaJackie Oates & Megan HenwoodHannah James & Toby Kuhn

Last but by no means least, Peggy Seeger in conversation with Jackie Oates!

Tickets and a full line up of ticketed and free events is available from

Please note: Unfortunately we can't guarantee delivery before the festival due to reduced staff at our printers, but it'll be a wonderful memento of this Oxford Folk Weekend in years to come.