Ciaran's Corona Collabs Clothing

Over the 40 days (and counting) of Ciaran Algar's daily collaboration videos, he's seen a lot of comments about how people had been discovering new artists they hadn't come across before, and are now fans of.  

He decided to take this a step further and so has organised the CCC Festival - a two day event taking place on the 9th and 10th of May 2020 where acts who’ve been a part of his collaborations can perform a solo set without him "messing around" over the top of it!

He's got an absolutely fantastic line-up, the event will be streamed live on his Facebook Page and Youtube channel, and it will be free to watch, though donations would be very welcome. 

All funds raised in the donations link will be split evenly between every artist involved, and you will have the opportunity to donate directly to each artist during the event too.