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This is a short video to demonstrate the print quality of our t-shirts and hoodies.  The transcript is underneath the video if you'd prefer to read it!

I just thought I'd make a short video to demonstrate the quality of Mudchutney clothes.

I've got here some samples, and a couple of my own personal favourites too, so you can see just how the prints have lasted over time.

All of our clothes have ink based prints so none of these rubbish plasticky poor quality knock-offs where the prints peel off after a few washes and crack.

The ink is heated up as it's applied, so it melts into the fabric of the garment and becomes part of it, because of this the prints stretch with the fabric and so won't ever crack or peel.

You can wash everything just as you normally would, you can even tumble dry them, and the print should last pretty much as long as the actual garment itself.

The ink itself is 100% biodegradable, water based, and organic so all good there too, oh and it's vegan ink too, so no animal products at all in there.

So let's check out a couple of shirts.

This one here is a Lunasa cas shirt, there's the design, in fact I'm wearing one too, one of my own.

This is brand new and you can see that the print is really accurate, fine print, not blurred, very brightly coloured.

When printed on a dark colour like mine they put a white layer down first to make the colours stand out.

It's not quite as bright as you can see when printed on a dark colour, this is a charcoal hoodie but it's still pretty good.

This one here is a Concertina t-shirt, you can see some of the finer detail.

I chose this one because it's got some of the finer dots on it, and you can see the quality of the print there hopefully.

So to demonstrate how well the prints last over time, this here is one of my own personal shirts. You can see by the label, I don't know if you can see that, but the label is knackered.   

So it's a pretty old shirt, I think this one is about 2 years old and you can see the quality of the print, if I compare this to that there, to a much newer version of the same shirt, there's very little difference even after 2 years and I don't know how many washes, and basically you can see, hopefully, that it stretches, the ink stretches as it goes on this hoodie, with the garment; it's not plasticky and horrid.

This one's been washed I don't know how many times and it's still pretty much as good as new, even though the shirt is as all shirts do, wearing out and the colour is starting to fade.   But they're pretty good quality shirts.

That should give you some idea of the quality of our prints and how well they last, thanks for watching.

I'll put links below to all four of the garments in the video, so all four of these and the hoodie so if you fancy buying them you know where to go.

Thank you very much.


Lunasa Cas white t-shirt
 Lunasa Cas t-shirt in whic
Monkey Band t-shirt Monkey Band t-shirt
Lunasa Cas Hoodie Lunasa Cas Hoodie - charcoal
Concertina sketch t-shirt Concertina sketch t-shirt in chocolate brown



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