Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update

Here's some more information from our printers on how they're keeping you and all their staff, and you our customers safe.

General workspace / printing offices

Due to the nature of printing t-shirts we already operate a super clean working environment, and all the machines are cleaned several times during each day. This is the normal routine process, and is continuing to be so.
In addition to this we have implemented extra hand washing routines throughout the day to increase the levels of hygiene even further.


There is already have sufficient space in the warehouse to work with a minimum of 2 metres between staff members at all times of the day.

Due to the potentially messy, inky nature of printing on clothing, staff have always worn disposable gloves, and these measures continue to be applied.

As part of the curing process for the prints all clothing passes through an oven for 7 to 10 minutes at 160 degrees C before being packed. This ensures the prints are wash safe, but with the added advantage of sterilising the garments before they're sent to you


On a more fluffy note, we're offering even more flexible working hours to staff.

Again due to the wonderful nature of the business staff can go into work at any time of day or night and work their hours. If they prefer to work overnight to reduce contact with other staff then they can do this.

Sales and marketing staff are working from home whenever possible too.


So you can rest assured that any t-shirts and hoodies you buy from us are not only produced in a super clean environment, but they're actually cooked to sterilise them before they're sent to you!  What more could you ask!?


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