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Folk musicians don't tend to earn a lot.  It's one of those careers that people pursue for the love of it and not purely for money.  A bit like nursing, or teaching; people don't do those jobs for money and nor do they become folk musicians.

I can't ever recall seeing a folk musician getting out of a Ferrari, or walking on a red carpet wearing Gucci or Versace and diamond jewellery.  They don't get papped on Caribbean beaches or dating supermodels.  They don't generally appear on tv talk shows, or get their views quoted on political events (although they bloody well should, because they seem to care more about politics and the environment than any other genre!)

What I can recall however is wanting to buy a t-shirt featuring a folk musician / band that I liked at that time, but it's often really hard to find such things.

As a rule it seems that folk musicians and bands don't want to be carting cardboard boxes full of t-shirts and hoodies round to gigs, possibly because they're driving their own modest cars which are already full of other band members, their instruments and the PA.  

There's also the risk to them financially of ending up with boxes of XXXL and XXS garments in odd colours that they'll never sell and which wipe out all the profits from the sales they did make.

That's why Mudchutney can be so helpful. 

We can offer every design - even all the band's back catalogue of album covers / designs - in all the garment styles, all the colours, and all the sizes - because everything is printed on demand.  

So there's no risk to the bands, and no money changes hands in our direction, nor is anything printed until it's bought by you, our friendly customers.  So by buying a band t-shirt or hoodie you're directly helping your favourite musicians save towards that Ferrari or Rolex.

Some of the bands we're selling for are (in no particular order!) Eliza Carthy, Flook, The Poozies, Lunasa, Tannara

You can see all the bands we currently sell t-shirts and hoodies for here, and click through to their merch from there.



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