Eat, Sleep & Play Banjo Mug | For Bluegrass / Folk Banjo | Musical gifts



A wonderful mug for banjo players, whether you play bluegrass, folk music or any other genre.  If you eat, sleep and play banjo then this is perfect for you. 
It would also make a wonderful banjo themed birthday gift for a banjo playing friend who eats, sleeps and plays their banjo.

It would also suit players of all kinds of banjo - 4 string, tenor, 5 string and any style players too such as finger-picking, claw-hammer etc.  It's really just a fantastic banjo themed mug really.

* White ceramic
* 11 oz (0.33 l)
* Rounded corners
* C-Handle
* Dishwasher safe
* Microwave safe
It measures about 9.5cm high and approximately 8cm in diameter.  The handle is a really good size and comfortable even for me with my big shovel hands!

It comes packaged in a Mugsafe (Registered trademark) cardboard box which measures approximately 15cm x 11cm x 10cm.