Heartbeat Concertina Mug | Concertina / Squeezebox Mug for folk music lovers



This heartbeat concertina design mug has a heartbeat pattern across is, with a concertina beautifully merged into it. 

If you live and breath the concertina, perhaps playing it in folk sessions or in a band, then this is a wonderful mug. 

It would also make a brilliant birthday gift for either an English concertina or Anglo concertina player.  It's generic enough that they'll love it whichever flavour of squeezebox they play.

* White ceramic
* 11 oz (0.33 l)
* Rounded corners
* C-Handle
* Dishwasher safe
* Microwave safe

This mug is 9.5cm high and approximately 8cm in diameter.  The handle is a really good size and comfortable even for me with my big shovel hands!

It comes packaged in a Mugsafe (Registered trademark) cardboard box which measures approximately 15cm x 11cm x 10cm.